Some things I’ve been busy working on…

Project: eCourse co-creation and delivery via membership site

Build My Biz  is the foundation website of a series of small-business sites owned and operated by my business partner, Lisa Penson, and me. Primarily intended for women wishing to launch and grow a work-from-home small business, the site has been created around a 6 week e-Course program delivered via a membership platform on WordPress. We can’t wait for it to kick off and we’ll be developing a suite of related service sites.

Project Details

Date due to launch Jul15
Skills Ecourse content creation, website copy, website design, email marketing

I love helping home-based businesses, and supporting the people who own them! Working on this project has been the perfect combination of words and fun-fiddly tech stuff!

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Project: Blogging at Teenage Survival Coach

Teenage Survival Coach was born from the Family Survival Coach blog after realising 20+ years experience working with adolescents and their families meant my blogging would best be niched. It’s a slowly growing project – with big hopes and plans – but it sometimes takes a sidestep for other emerging projects and client work.

Project Details

Date Launched 2014
Skills Blogging, Sponsored Posts, Branding, Web Design

Blogging is a great platform for creating content with a personalised voice. My life’s work has been with adolescents, so why not embrace the theme. Right?

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Project: Writer for Jot digital magazine.

When Kim Archer approached me to write a regular column for her membership publication I was up for the challenge. Right from the get-go it’s been fun combining a little real life with a sprinkle of exaggeration and a dash of humour. My regular Jot column is in diary format and if you read closely, between the lines, you’ll get an insight into our family life.

Project Details

Client Jot Magazine
Date Since 2013
Skills Article writing

Hatha Yoga Sydney

Jot magazine is pitched at the modern day crafter whose a lover of family and fun with style. Featuring do-able and stylish projects, recipes and interviews my regular column is a lighthearted read. Maybe names have been changed to protect the innocent…

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Blowing my own trumpet...

Rarely do I toot my own horn, but I was absolutely chuffed to be invited to contribute to the Herald Sun lift-out on today’s teenagers. Cited as a teen expert was a huge affirmation of Teenage Survival Coach’s usefulness for parents.

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